A Wonderful Coconut Oil Soap Recipe


Coconut oil is often the soap maker’s first choice oil as it creates a lovely hard white soap. I love the smell of coconut, I use it often and I have a great coconut oil soap recipe to share with you using the cold process method.

First I want to say that although many soap makers are happy to make a batch of homemade soap using only coconut oil I sometimes I find it a little drying, so this time I’ve mixed it with shortening/vegetable oil to balance this out.

The result is a very nice hard soap with large bubbles which is particularly beneficial for any one with oily skin.

This is a 2 layer coconut oil soap recipe that takes a little more effort than some of my other homemade soaps but it smells and looks divine so I think it is worth it 😉

I’ve chosen to make this batch in a silicon loaf mold, but it also looks incredibly good in a square shallow mold. Having said that it makes it look a little like candy so you may want to keep it out of reach of children!

Ingredients For The White layer:

330g (10 ½ oz) Coconut oil
170g (5 ½oz) Shortening/vegetable fat
150g (5oz) Distilled or mineral water
82g (5oz) Caustic soda/Lye
1 tsp Geranium essential oil
1 tsp Rose fragrance oil
Ingredients For The Pink layer:

This will be the same as the white layer but with the addition of a colorant.
2 tsp bright pink mica + 1 tbsp oil for blending it with. Any liquid carrier oil will do (olive, vegetable or sunflower, almond ect….)

Note: When purchasing fragrances and mica colorants always check that they are suitable for using in cold process soap recipes.

ingredients for coconut oil soap recipe


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