Making Bracelets For Men


Homemade jewellery doesn’t have to be just for women, these stylish homemade bracelets for men can look great on the fashion conscious male.

Making bracelets for men is an extremely easy and economical gift idea. Sometimes costing less than a dollar, and don’t forget that homemade jewellery is so unique that you don’t need to worry about anyone else wearing the same piece, making them the perfect for someone special.

Making a Tea Dyed Bone Bead Bracelet
Looking for something different? Why not have a go at this stylish bracelet that’s been made with tea-dyed bone beads and threaded with cotton thong.

Homemade Tea Dyed Bone Bead Bracelets

What you will need:

Jewelry Making Beads – 12mm round bone beads (with large holes)
Thin beading elastic
Cotton or leather bootlace (thong)

Thread the beads with both the leather and the elastic until you come to the last 4 beads, thread these with the elastic only.Thread the beads with both the leather and the elastic
Tie the two ends of the elastic together into a tight (but not too tight) knot so that the bracelet slips on and off easily and then secure the knot with a dab of super glue and leave to dry.
Thread the leather through the last 4 beads, 2 on to each side (by threading the beads on to each side of the leather the knot in the elastic will be hidden from view when the bracelet is stretched to slip it on and off).
Tie a knot into each end of the leather close to the beads, and then tie the two ends of the leather together leaving a big enough gap in the leather to allow the bracelet to be taken on and off easily.
Trim the leather if necessary.
A Tea Dyed Bone Bead Bracelet

Simple Slip-On Bracelets For Men
All you need to make a simple slip-on bracelet is a piece of Elasticity and a few beads.

Mans Homemade Bracelet


Take a piece of wrist length Jewellery making elastic or Elasticity and thread on your chosen Jewelry Beads.Thread beads on wrist length elasticity
Knot the elasticity tightly (but not too tightly) together at the ends, and then glue the knot for added security.Knot at the ends and then glue
It couldn’t be easier.

Homemade Bracelets For Men


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