Sparkling Christmas Tree Star


This sparkling Christmas tree star was homemade years ago by one of my children, it’s still going strong and even now takes pride of place at the top of the tree (priceless)… Its a nice project to do with the kids during the festive period, I can’t think of anything better at Christmas than filling the tree with happy memories.

6 silver pipe cleaners + 1 for attaching to the tree
Clear and colored plastic pony beads
Small silver bullet beads
making a homemade christmas tree star

Cut the six pipe cleaners in half to make twelve strands. Wrap one strand tightly around the middle of the remaining strands.
Spread the strands out to make a star shape and begin to add the beads. We used translucent plastic pony beads, six on each strand one blue followed by one clear bead.
Continue with the color pattern until you reach the end of the strand then secure the beads by placing a tightly fitting small silver bead on the end.
Repeat this process with each strand until the star is complete.
Attach the finished star to the top of the tree with the remaining pipe cleaner and stand back and admire it.

homemade christmas tree star


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